Scattered school supplies

Wondering what your student will need for school this year? Here is what we recommend: 

  1. A sturdy backpack that will protect your students chromebook

  2. Lunch box 

  3. Reusable water bottle 

  4. Headphones, labeled in a ziploc bag

Other optional suggestions: 

  • Pencil case 

  • Facial tissues & disinfectant wipes

We supply all basic school supplies including pencils, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, etc but families are more than welcome to supply their students with extras if they would like to. On the first day of school, some teachers may also send home a list with a few specific requests. 

Helpful notes: Please be sure to label all student’s belongings. In any school environment things may get lost, misplaced, or broken. Please use discretion in sending sentimental, special, or overly expensive supplies or clothing to school with your student.