The Greenwood Elementary Parent Teacher Organization supplements the academic, cultural and social components of our school to help provide an outstanding education for all of the students. The PTO coordinates after-school enrichment programs, sponsors cultural arts events during the school day and provides wonderful family events in the evenings and on the weekends. The Greenwood Elementary PTO sustains the concept of a “neighborhood school” that educational research has recognized as a vital component to helping all students do better in school.

This non-profit organization creatively maintains a healthy budget by operating numerous fundraisers.


All proceeds go directly to the students and the school in some way and financial records are well documented for public review.

If you are not already a PTO member, I encourage you to join. You do not have to volunteer for every event: any amount of time is appreciated. You do not need to have any particular skills: each event has a variety of “talents” needed. You do not have to help at the school site: many activities can be coordinated at home over the phone or by using email.

In whatever way you choose to help the PTO this year, you will always be supporting the students, teachers and the Principal!

PTO Board Members:

Crystal Lomas & Jessica Estey